January 6, 2010

A Cruel Angel's Thesis

I haven't watch Neon Genesis Evangelion yet, but I have listened to the opening countless times and I love it!

However, I did watch the first episode, and I say I enjoyed it. Now, I just gotta find time to watch it.

January 5, 2010

Kamen Rider Kabuto OST Uploading has begun

As promised, I have found the Kabuto OST. Here are the first eight tracks.

Expect more in the upcoming days.


Kamen Rider Double's Tenth Form makes its debut, FangJoker. This is one of my favorite forms, behind CycloneJoker and LunaTrigger. This form is very unique. Here are some obvious differences.

-Philip is the one who transforms, while Shotaro passes out
-Double is basically controlled by the Fang Memory, by which it goes berserk by taking down any enemy in its path.
-The Fang Memory is kinda like a living Gaia Memory, having a live form. It has a mind of its own.
-The Fang Side creates its own weapons. One push of a horn brings up the Arm Saber (Arm Fang) which makes for close combat. Two pushes brings up the Shoulder Saber (Shoulder Fang) which can be detached as used like a boomerang. Three pushes activates its Maximum Drive, the Fang Strider (Shotaro thought of the name).
-Double's Left Eye flashes to show Shotaro's mind is in Double.

Anyway, those are the basics. This form is also in the movie, Begin's Night. But, I gotta wait for it (Damn...). All in all, I like this form, as well as the arc. It has been seen in the preview for Episode 17. Can't wait for it.

This clinches it!

Video Update

Anyway, I have uploaded all of the Double/W OST.

Anyway, for the next uploads, I plan to upload some KR OSTs. As I post this, I have downloaded the Kabuto OST. I'll try and find some others soon. But for now, I bid you adieu.