May 26, 2010

Dive Into the Mirror PV

For those who don't know, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight has a Japanese dub, with its own opening called Dive into the Mirror. Here's the PV I found on HJU.

While the PV itself wasn't what I expected, the song is just epic! I love it! BTW, did you know that the performers of the song, defspiral, performed Leave all Behind, one of the ending themes to Kamen Rider Double under the name Wilma-Sidr? I sure didn't.

So yeah. Got this song on my mp3 player. w00t! Why can't the U.S. get this kind of stuff? :(

May 24, 2010

Today's Weather Forecast is... Death!

In the recent episode of Kamen Rider Double, Kamen Rider Accel, in his new form, Accel Trial, actually defeated Shinkuro Isaka, AKA the weather Dopant.

You would think that he would be arrested or something. But no! That's the twist. Due to his excessive Memory use, he is actually killed by vanishing into nothingness.

So yeah, Accel Trial, with its awesome super speed power, has finally gotten his vengeance. As for the episode, and the arc itself, it is awesome!

So, yeah. This show is getting more and more awesome, and I'm loving it!