January 2, 2010

Reaction to the MMPR Remastering

Well, the Remastered MMPR just aired not to long ago, and I have this to say: It was good. Good, but not great.

Here's what was good. They made it seem like a comic book, adding effects to the scenes making it look like what it's supposed to portray. I enjoyed them. The opening seemed like that as well, though I like the original opening. Plus, they added stills with effects. Also, lead outs to a commercial usually have a freeze frame of a ranger with scenes of them fighting.

Here's the bad. They added "Batman"-esque effect when fighting or just out of random. For example, in "High Five" when Jason and Billy start swinging, the word Whoosh appear while they were swinging. What the hell...
Plus, they added the names of the Zords when they were appearing. I guess it was for new fans, but I hope it is gotten rid of in later episodes.

But, overall, I say it was pretty good. Just fix the mistakes I mentioned. The quality is pretty good as well. I will continue to watch it. After all, I need something to fill the void after RPM ended last week. So yeah.

January 1, 2010

What's This? An Upload?!

Yeah, on my YouTube channel, Moneydog88, You'll see that I haven't uploaded a video in months. School is just being a b*tch and I've been focusing on homework. But, I've downloaded the Kamen Rider Double/W OST and I have began uploading.

More on my channel. Not all of it is up yet, but give it time. I'll have more videos up this weekend.

My Thoughts on Goseiger

Well, the thirty-fourth entry into the Super Sentai franchise, Tensou Sentai Goseiger, was confirmed. Here's the main story that I acquired.

As revealed in the February 2010 issue of Hyper Hobby magazine, the five Goseigers (Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, and Blue) are actually angels whose mission it is to protect the Earth, called the "Gosei Angels" On the Earth, they use the mystical Gosei Power sealed in Gosei Cards. By inserting a Gosei Card into the Tensouder the Goseigers transform and unleash the power of other cards to perform Tensou Techniques to fight evil. Each Goseiger is armed with an individual Gosei Weapon and the Gosei Blaster sidearm. Each Gosei Blaster has an interchangeable Gosei Header component that resembles the Goseiger's totem animal. Although the group of antagonists has not been revealed, their soldiers are the Demon Insect Soldiers Beebi.

The Cast

Arata / Gosei Red - Yuudai Chiba
Eri / Gosei Pink - Rika Satou
Aguri / Gosei Black - Kyousuke Hamao
Mone / Gosei Yellow - Mikiho Niwa
Haido / Gosei Blue - Kento Ono

Judging by the scans I've seen, as well as the plot, this looks quite impressive. It looks like it's using the same card gimmicks from Kamen Rider Ryuki, Blade, and Decade. Also, the side view of the helmets look awesome. I am anticipating the series, which ironically starts on Valentine's Day. I think Toei loves it's viewers so much, the show will start on Valentine's Day.

Well, Can't wait, but for now, Shinkenger and KR Double will hold me over.

December 31, 2009

First Post (Whoo-Hoo!)

Well, look here. A blog to discuss my thoughts and such. I have many opinions and other stuff that I'd like to share. Anything that I want to say or show I will post here. I guess I'll start in a new decade!