September 8, 2010

Thoughts on Kamen Rider OOO Episode 1

Well, the first episode of the new Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider OOO premiered a few days ago, and I was really impressed to be honest. It was better than I expected. Well, for starters, the opening. I loved the opening! I loved the song, I love the actual sequence, and I just love the overall feel of it. It's just like Double's opening. There's so much energy put into it and it is just awesome!

Now, let's talk about the characters. The only characters that I can talk a lot about are Eiji and Ankh. I don't really have much to say about the others.

Eiji seems cool. For one, he wears awesome underwear. I also like his "as long as I got money and clean underwear" attitude. Plus, he does want to protect people. I also like Ankh. Besides the fact that he's only an arm, he does make a good impression on me. He has his own agenda from the other Greeed, and I like how he can merge with a human.

Speaking of Greeed, I do like the concept of them, as well as their designs. I don't understand why they have colored curtains with them, but I don't really care.

Finally, let's talk about the Rider. I do like his design. A little too much black, but still, he's a good looking Rider. The transformation wasn't what I was expecting, but it was still cool. Plus the Henshin Sound sounded awesome, probably because the belt is voiced by Akira Kushida, who sang the opening to Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan and sang the openings for many Metal Hero Series. Plus, the fight scene really clinched it for me. It was a very good scene, setting up what OOO can do very well. The form changing worked out really well. Although I will admit the process to transform does look kind of long in my opinion. But it still works out well.

Overall, I enjoyed the first episode and I look forward to watching the newest series. After all, OOO has some big shoes to fill from Double being one of the best series ever (BTW, the review is coming soon). Let's hope for the best!

Fight on, Kamen Rider OOO!

Oh and BTW, if you want to see OOO subbed quicker than TV-Nihon, then take a look at a subbing group called Over-Time (Formerly W-Time). They get up subbed episodes a day or two after the episode aired. They subbed Double from beginning to end and have done them faster than TV-Nihon. They're good subs. I'd recommending watching their subs. To go to their website, go here.