April 25, 2010


Double's eleventh form appeared in Episode 32 and it is freaking epic! Just look at him. Doesn't he look awesome? IMO, he looks better than Decade's Complete Form. Anyway, this is the form that truly makes Shotaro and Philip one Kamen Rider, as their bodies and souls become one. Thus, when they de-transform, both of their bodies appear. That is so awesome. Plus his weapon, the PrismBicker, which can hold up to four GaiaMemories, has the power of four Maximum Drives. That is awesome as well.

The arc itself is awesome, and I love the song during the show called Nobody's Perfect, sung by Koji Kikkawa, who not only sung the theme to Kabuto's Movie, but portrayed Sokichi Narumi, AKA Kamen Rider Skull in Begins Night. It is said to be released in June.

Anyway, Xtreme form is here. It is the eleventh form, and it's tied up with Kuuga for most forms (Unless you count Rising Ultimate, for in that case, it's twelve). All in all, he is one of the coolest looking Final Forms for a Kamen Rider I have seen.