December 4, 2010

First look at Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

The first official look at the 35th anniversary Sentai series, Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger is out...and it looks great! I love the uniforms! The pirate theme works really well. Also, I like their helmets. They look very retro looking. The emblem on the top of the helmet looks cool, but also describes the gimmick of the series, keys, which'll be used to transform into past Sentai warriors. The Key gimmick reminds me Ryukendo, but I digress.

The series is set to premiere on February 13, 2011. Judging by the rumors we've heard, I am really excited for this! Seems February is the month for premieres. Both this and Power Rangers Samurai, which premieres on February 5, start in February.

Samurai, Goukaiger, and OOO. Here's hoping that 2011 will be an awesome year for Toku!

November 27, 2010

Toku Music Showcase 6

Here's another Showcase for ya!

As many of you know, or should know, Kamen Rider OOO is the current KR series. So far, OOO is a very good series so far, having some good drama, awesome action, and a great premise. And what goes with an awesome show? An awesome theme song!

The theme song for Kamen Rider OOO is titled Anything Goes!, performed by Japanese recording artist Maki Ohguro. Although the full version of the song was only released a few weeks ago, the thing is I instantly fell in love with the song when I saw the first episode of OOO. This opening was so awesome that I listened to the TV Sized version constantly. I just absolutely loved it. Love at first listen, I say, just like with Double's theme, "W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~". Even since I heard this, I had been anticipating the full version. The waiting was worth it, because this song is awesome!

As I said on my thoughts on OOO's first episode, this song is just full of energy, which is bolstered by Maki Ohguro's wonderful voice. I mean it, she just has an awesome singing voice. Plus the rapping on the song, performed by Rah-D, makes the song even more awesome. Plus the beat of the song is just wonderful. I can say that this is one of the only songs that I can listen to an instrumental of and have it not seem awkward to me. I mean it, it's that good. I absolutely love this song. I always find myself listening to it on repeat mode on my computer or my mp3 player, which oddly enough I'm listening to it right now. Overall, OOO is cool, this song is cool, and the PV is cool (Check it out, it's awesome).

Look forward to another Toku Music Showcase.

November 26, 2010

New Power Rangers Samurai Trailer

A new trailer for Power Rangers Samurai was televised last night, and it looks so awesome!

This trailer is just awesome. The music in it is awesome, the original footage in it looks great, and it just feels great. It just makes me more excited for Power Rangers Samurai and I am looking forward to it everyday!

October 25, 2010

An apology and an update

Okay, I am really sorry that I haven't posted anything in a month. I have just been really busy with school, but I try to find time to post more here. I have some ideas for some new posts, so look forward to that. Unfortunately, I will not do the Double review. It just seems like it would take a long time and time is something I don't have much of right now. All I can say right now is that I loved it. It had a perfect balance of action, drama, and comedy and just really stood out as one of the best Kamen Rider series and it is on my list of favorites. That is pretty much all I can say right now about it.

Again, I am sorry for the lack of posts, I will try to find more time to post here. I haven't abandoned it and I never will. I will most likely have more to talk about with Power Rangers Samurai and the 35th anniversary Sentai Series, Gokaiger, on the way. But right now, just please bear with me, okay? Thanks for your patience and understanding.

September 8, 2010

Thoughts on Kamen Rider OOO Episode 1

Well, the first episode of the new Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider OOO premiered a few days ago, and I was really impressed to be honest. It was better than I expected. Well, for starters, the opening. I loved the opening! I loved the song, I love the actual sequence, and I just love the overall feel of it. It's just like Double's opening. There's so much energy put into it and it is just awesome!

Now, let's talk about the characters. The only characters that I can talk a lot about are Eiji and Ankh. I don't really have much to say about the others.

Eiji seems cool. For one, he wears awesome underwear. I also like his "as long as I got money and clean underwear" attitude. Plus, he does want to protect people. I also like Ankh. Besides the fact that he's only an arm, he does make a good impression on me. He has his own agenda from the other Greeed, and I like how he can merge with a human.

Speaking of Greeed, I do like the concept of them, as well as their designs. I don't understand why they have colored curtains with them, but I don't really care.

Finally, let's talk about the Rider. I do like his design. A little too much black, but still, he's a good looking Rider. The transformation wasn't what I was expecting, but it was still cool. Plus the Henshin Sound sounded awesome, probably because the belt is voiced by Akira Kushida, who sang the opening to Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan and sang the openings for many Metal Hero Series. Plus, the fight scene really clinched it for me. It was a very good scene, setting up what OOO can do very well. The form changing worked out really well. Although I will admit the process to transform does look kind of long in my opinion. But it still works out well.

Overall, I enjoyed the first episode and I look forward to watching the newest series. After all, OOO has some big shoes to fill from Double being one of the best series ever (BTW, the review is coming soon). Let's hope for the best!

Fight on, Kamen Rider OOO!

Oh and BTW, if you want to see OOO subbed quicker than TV-Nihon, then take a look at a subbing group called Over-Time (Formerly W-Time). They get up subbed episodes a day or two after the episode aired. They subbed Double from beginning to end and have done them faster than TV-Nihon. They're good subs. I'd recommending watching their subs. To go to their website, go here.

August 28, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday, Power Rangers!!!

Yep, it's been 17 years since the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Day of the Dumpster, debuted and started not only one of the most successful kids franchises ever, but started a new era of kids TV. This pretty much started the series we all know and love: Power Rangers.

Wow. It's kinda hard to believe that it's been 17 years, but it has. You know, I have to admit, Power Rangers is one of the things that made my childhood great. Why? Just the action, the characters, everything. I just love this show. All of the memories I've had watching this show can never be forgotten, nor replaced.

With the 17th birthday here, I have a feeling that Power Rangers will go on for many more years to come. With Season 18 on the way, I sense a good future for the series.

Happy birthday, Power Rangers!! May the Power live on forever!

August 21, 2010

Kamen Rider Kuuga- Now Fully Subbed!!!

That's right. The "Kuuga Curse" has been broken! For those who don't know what the Kuuga Curse is, it's pretty much any subbing group that has tried to sub Kuuga, but has not completed it. TV-Nihon subbed only four episodes, Order of Zeronos tried subbing some episodes (I don't know how many, but it's less than 10 I believe) and SCS-Works have only subbed the first 12 episodes, though they say that they are trying to get more episodes out.

Yeah, it seemed that Kuuga would never be fully subbed... until a new subbing group called Midnight Crew Subs (MCS for short) started where SCS left off (Episode 13 and up) and have completed the entire series. Here's their blogspot page.

They moved at a really fast pace and in about a month, finished the entire series. The final episode was released on August 19. That's why I declared that day as the day the Kuuga Curse was finally broken! Whoo!

This also means that every Heisei Rider Series has been fully subbed! That's even better!

I would like to thank MCS for their hard work in continuing where SCS-Works left off, though they do plan to do the first 12 episodes, as well as the Hyper Battle Video and the Special.

So, for all you people who have always wanted to see Kuuga subbed, go watch it! I've already linked to their blogspot, plus they're on HJU.

Cho Henshin! Kamen Rider Kuuga!!!

August 20, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO trailer

Check out the newest trailer for Kamen Rider OOO.

The music in this is alright, and it's looking really cool so far. Just a little over a week until it premieres.

Speaking of it, Double ends at the end of the month (Sadly). But, I plan to make a review of the series when the series ends. I also plan to make a review of the first episode of Kamen Rider OOO. Look forward to both of them!

August 2, 2010

Kamen Rider Double Forever Theme Song- "W"

The theme song for the upcoming Double movie movie, A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, has a PV. The song is called W and is sung by Mitsuru Matsuoka, who is also in the movie, as Kamen Rider Eternal. Well anyway, here's the PV.

The PV was pretty good. It reminded me of Decade's songs. As for the vocals, I loved it. This guy is a really good singer. Then again, he is from a band. To wrap it up, I love it, and I will get the mp3 to it when it comes out. As for the movie, it will take awhile for it to come out to the internet, but maybe they'll be Cho Den-O to hold us over. Either way, I can't wait.!

But *sighs* Double's ending by the end of the month (August 29) with 49 episodes. Judging by the recent episodes, I'm sure we'll get an awesome finale.

July 21, 2010

My expectations for Power Rangers 2011

If you're like me, then you're excited for the new Power Rangers season coming in Spring 2011. Ever since Saban bought back the franchise, everyone has been in glee. As of right now, casting is in progress and I believe they are in the final stages of casting. Don't quote me on that, though.

Anyway, as the new season dawns, the more we come to expect from the one who created awesome series like Space, Lost Galaxy, and Time Force to name a few. So, here's what I expect, or at least hope, they integrate into the show.

I hope to see some unique stories for one. I want something that makes sense and adds to the plot, even for just a little bit. If there must be filler, then I at least want to think while I'm watching that it isn't. Even just one bit of development in the show is good for me. I don't know how you feel, but that's my perspective.

I also want to see some good writing. I don't want to see things be too serious, but not too over the top either. I mean, I know Power Rangers can be cheesy, but don't add more cheese to it. Also, I don't want a clone of Shinkenger, i.e. doing the same kind of concept Sentai did. I want originality. I also want the dialogue to reflect the characters' personalities, not something random. I'm hoping that they have a good writing staff.

I want the characters to be different in their own way. Because of something like this, the actors need to be at least decent. One of the problems that I've had with past Disney seasons is the acting. It seems just boring, uninteresting, and annoying i.e. Operation Overdrive. Even I can act better. I've been in many musicals at my school and even the actors I worked with, who were also my friends, can act better. I want the actors to show as much emotion in what they do as possible.

I also want equal character development. Again, harboring back to the Disney seasons, one of the problems is unbalanced development. In Mystic Force, it seems that Nick got too much development compared to the other characters. It also seemed that Mack from Operation Overdrive may have too much development, but not on the same level as Nick. I mean, granted the Red Ranger is one of the most popular Ranger colors, but I want to see the same attention towards the others. If the Red Rangers gets a lot of development, then I at least want to see the others with a lot of development.

I also expect some awesome fight scenes. Not just with the Rangers, but in their civilian form as well. I don't want too much wire-fu, which some Disney seasons suffered from. I sure we'll get something, considering that the in order to audition for the Blue Ranger, you have to have Martial Arts skills. I hope that they others have those kind of skills, or at least interesting ways of fighting. Plus, I hope they take advantage with the location they are in. Since they are filming in New Zealand, I am hoping they show different locations to have the fight scenes. I don't want to see the same place over and over again. New Zealand looks beautiful from what I've seen, so the show needs to take advantage of that. Yes, I know it'll probably be limited due to the Sentai footage, but what I hope for is good editing. If you can somehow blend in Japan with New Zealand landscapes and not make it seem awkward, then that's good editing.

Finally, I hope for a good soundtrack. Since Ron Wasserman won't be returning for the show, I certainly hope they have someone that can provide some good tracks that fit the nature of certain scenes. I also expect some awesome fight music as well. Fight music is something that needs to get one pumped up and needs to be somewhat fast paced and have the perfect mix of instruments.

Well, that's my take on it. I'm just hoping that Saban puts much effort into this in order to make this one of the greatest PR seasons ever. Oh, and for the record, I don't hate all of the Disney seasons. I liked Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, and RPM to name a few.

So, yeah. Here's hoping that Saban and the work crew put their hearts into this. Here's to Power Rangers 2011!!

So... what do you hope for?

July 17, 2010

Toku Music Showcase 5

Time for another edition of the Toku Music Showcase!

For this Showcase, the song is the opening of the 1978 Toku series Spider-Man. Yes, the made a Toku out of him. And yes it's subbed. Just go here to see all 41 episodes.

So, anyway, the opening to it is called "Kakero! Spider-Man" or "Run! Spider-Man". It was sung by Yuki Hide, who had sung theme songs for other Toku shows and anime, such as Ultraman Leo and the ending theme to this show. Sadly, he died in 1998. Anyway, here's the song.

The song itself kinda feels like the original theme to the original show. Plus, the lyrics sound awesome. Well, the English lyrics anyway. The opening is subbed with the show in the link. Anyway, I like it. It just sounds cool. Also, did you know that Spider-Man had a Giant Robot? And it was also produced by Toei? Well, now you know.

That does it for this Showcase.

July 6, 2010

Toku Music Showcase 4

For now on, I'm just going to do these whenever I feel like it.

Anyway, for this Toku Music Showcase, this is a song to a series that I've recently found out about and am currently watching. The series is called Madan Senki Ryukendo (Which translates out to Magic Bullet Chronicles Ryukendo). And yes, it is subbed.

I've only watched three episodes as I'm writing this but let me just say that it's pretty decent. I mean, it's not better than Kamen Rider and Sentai, but at least it's something good. Also, did you know that the series had lower ratings compared to Kamen Rider and Sentai, but survived its full run because of superior toy sales? Well, now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Now that I got that out of the way, let's get to the song. This show had two opening themes, but I'm referring to the first, which is simply called "Madan Senki Ryukendo".

The song is performed by Hiroshi Kitadani, who is on the anison group, JAM Product, as well as performed two of the ending themes for Kamen Rider Ryuki, "Boundless Life" and "Revolution". This guy lends his vocals for a kick-ass song. I mean, I immediately fell in love with this song the first time I heard. It has an awesome tempo and lyrics, and it always feels like a rush of energy. Plus, Hiroshi is a great singer. This song is what motivated me to watch Ryukendo. That's the power of theme songs. They make you want to check out shows you never heard of. At least that applies to me lol.

So, as for the series, I guess I would suggest it. Like I said, I've only seen three episodes, so you be the judge. As for the song, just awesome.

Look forward to another Toku Music Showcase... when I feel like it.

Man Dies During Twlight

It says here that a man died while watching the recent entry into the Twilight film series, "Eclipse".

Police said they were treating the death as unexplained, but not suspicious, The New Zealand Herald reported.

The man's body was found at a theatre in the capital Wellington about 8.30pm (local time) last night at the conclusion of the vampire film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

The man, who was described by police as a "transient" who traveled throughout the country, appeared to have attended the 6pm screening alone.

An autopsy will be carried out tomorrow to determine the cause of death.

Police said the man was found slumped forward in his chair at the conclusion of the film and that a staff member initially thought he was asleep.

A member of security checked on the man and the emergency services were called, but they were unable to revive him.

I didn't know the movie was THAT bad. You know, I really feel sorry for his family and friends. Death by Twilight: one of the cruelest ways to die. I don't know what's worse: Just seeing the movie or that it was the last movie you saw before you died. Really makes you think, doesn't it?

July 3, 2010

Trailer for Double: A to Z/Gaia Memories of Fate

We have another trailer for the upcoming Double movie... IN 3D!!

Judging by this and the other trailers we've seen, this movie sounds badass! It looks like it's going to be an awesome movie. Plus, it seems that Skull is going to be in the movie, as well as the upcoming Rider, Ozu (Which for the record, I'm calling the series OOO but the Rider himself Ozu.) I so can't wait for this!

July 2, 2010

More Kamen Rider OOO Info

We have tons of info about the show now. I didn't announce any of the info mentioned, I just found it.


"I don't want anything, and I don't attach to much importance to anything"

Such a man obtained the Rider's power. Before long, something will change in him.

Kamen Rider OOO is the 12th Heisei Work, succeeding Kamen Rider Double. The title is arranged with "3 O's", but is read as "Ozu".

Ozu will scramble for the 3 types of Medals which allow him to transform. It is said that when the medals are found, the "Fukusuu no Ou" (The Plural King) will appear.

This time, our hero is a man who has no dreams, no work, and no family. However, he does not attach importance to such things, and so he is not really unhappy.

The enemy are 5 different animal groups, who have existed since an unknown time. Their bodies incomplete, they search for the Medals too to complete their form. These Kaijin feed off of human lust, and now, have begun physically attacking human beings as well.

A mystery man, apparently from one of the 5 groups, is the one who gives our hero his belt. Ozu himself must collect these medals to gain new powers.

More over, a mysterious corporation seems to be backing Ozu in his quest. However, their true intentions are unknown. It is in these mysterious conditions that our hero must fight.

For the first time he will "feel alive" by fighting.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shotaro

Writer: Kobayashi Yasuko

Directors: Tasaki Ryuta, Shibasaki Takayuki, and others

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi (Japan Action Enterprise)

SFX Supervisor: Butsuda Hiroshi (Special Effects Laboratory)

Creature Design: Izubuchi Yutaka, Shinohara Tamotsu

Producers: Motoi Kengo (TV Asahi), Takebe Naomi and Kazuhiro Takahashi (Toei)

On the rumor front, the 2nd rider, named Wozu/Wars, seems to be sea themed.

We also have the cast, along with their character descriptions!

The main character, Eiji Hino, is portrayed by Shu Watanabe.

Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider Ozu:
21 years old
-played by Shu Watanbe

A young man with no devotion or desire, and very little prospects for marriage. He only eats food he needs to survive day by day, just carries change, and the clothes on his back. He isn't settled down with a particular occupation. He has no savings, and of course, no hobbies. He dimly likes to look at scenery. He is often scolded by olders for his lifestyle, but liked by others. He is able to live each and every day as one of amazement.

His dettachement and no possesions seem to suggest something bad having occurred in his past. What is concealed in Eiji's heart? What is his true face that only appears when he is fighting as Ozu?

Ankh -Tori Kanbu Kaijin- (Bird Management Mystery Man):
-played by Ryosuke Miura

Eiji's companion, and his Medal Manager. Leader of the Bird group of Greeds and Yamiis, who gives Eiji his belt and allows him to transform into Ozu. He is having Eiji collect medals for him because he cannot fight on his own. Though he is one of the Greeds, the medals have little effect in helping him, and he can only transform his right arm.

As such, he takes possesion of Izumi Keiji's body, who is in a near-death state. Unlike Eiji, his devotion is strong and is very self-motivated. He is persistent on collecting all the medals, and "checking" them in. His only wish and care is that he gains all the medals and becomes a god who can attain all desires. However, his stubborn ways may be altered by becoming partners with Eiji...

Hina Izumi:
18 years old
-played by Riho Takada

Younger sister of Izumi Keiji, whose body is currently being possesed by Anku. She meets Anku, her "missing elder brother" and ends up helping Eiji in his mission. She admires Eiji because she reminds him of Robin Hood, and her naivety is being exploited by Anku.

Though she is seemingly a "usual girl" she has a lot of hidden, and uncommon, physical strength. She has recieved a "Power System Scout" (unsure about this part).

She misses her brother, and notices something different about him (because he's Anku). Her, Anku and Eiji end up working in a multi-national restaurant, and she begins to project on Eiji...

Shintaro Goto:
22 years old
-played by Asaya Kimijima

Commander of the Motorcycle Corps. in the Kogami Foundation that helps out Ozu. A former policeman, Shintarou is an incredibly loyal subordinate to Kogami. Difficult, unfriendly, and one who is not prone to displaying his emotion.

He is ordered to assist Ozu, but views Eiji as a rival. He has many doubts about the situation after learning of Eiji and Anku's attitude, but strongly believes society can still be saved through Kogami.

Erika Satonaka:
21 years old
-played by Mayuko Arisue

Kogami's able and beautiful secretary. A mature young woman who is never bothered, with a calm disposition. Because she is always made to eat the cakes that Kogami makes, she always has dieting on her mind. She often leaves the chairman's office to assist Shintarou in information gathering.

Chiyoko Shiraishi:
30 years old
-played by Marie Kai

A kind and cheerful character, if a bit troublesome, who gives Eiji a part-time job and living space in her multi-national restaurant. In this restaurant she serves dishes from around the world, and is often seen wearing clothing from around the world as well.

It is a hobby of hers that Eiji, and the others working at his restuaurant, must Cosplay while on the job. The interior of the shop is of her own design, and represents different countries around the world.

Kosei Kogami:
43 years old
-played by Takashi Ukaji

The mysterious chairman of the Kogami foundation. His real intentions are unknown, but for some reason he has a motorcycle, and secret mechanisms to support the Kamen Rider. He had seen the revival of the Greeds a long way off, and had actually hoped for it to happen.

Details are uncertain, but it is clear he wants to collect the medals for some unknown purpose. His hobby is baking cakes, often pulling an apron right over his suit to do so. In fact, he has a very unsuitable oven kept in his office...

Plus the thing about Ozu's bike: It can turn info a Vending Machine.

Okay... weird.

Anyway, this guy has an awesome design, and he'll also get new Medals, which are the gimmick for this season, which can give him new forms. And, by the number of medals we can count with certain medals going into different slots, he can have a total of 27 forms. Damn!

Okay, this post has enough pictures, so I'll just give you the link to the rest of them, as well as any info I missed. You can find them here, here, and here.

Also, a trailer sort of thing.

So, judging by the info we have, this is sounding awesome. I'm more psyched for this then I was for Goseiger, but not as I was for Double. So, this series certainly sounds like it will have a lot of variety. I'm excited for it, either way. Are you? The Ozu is coming. Are you ready?

Oh, and the official website is open.

June 26, 2010

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Won the Daytime Emmy

No, your eyes don't deceive you. KRDK WON the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination. As stated here, it says that. Steve Wang had posted his response to this.

"Kamen Rider Dragon Knight won the day-time Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination!!! Congratulations to our Stunt Coordinator Dorenda Moore for her 'outstanding' contributions and our Acting Director Yuji Noguchi and our incredibly talented Stunt Performers for a fantastic job well done! GO TEAM DRAGON KNIGHT!!!"

I know. I'm surprised too. I'm also impressed. I'm also kinda glad. But yet, I am a bit frightened. Why? I don't know. It kinda just scares me.

Well anyway, congrats to KRDK!!

June 25, 2010

Power Rangers Empire

Power Rangers Empire is a revival of a Power Rangers forum that was closed down awhile ago, but now it's made a comeback. I did not create this this forum, however. But I am a Staff Member, not a Mod, a Staff Member, under the name I use here, CycloneJoker.

Now, I know that a new kind of board like this goes nowhere. But, there are many members. The forum opened about a week ago, and it has about 80 members. That's a lot for a board that opened a week ago. Other than that and a few new features, it's a standard Power Rangers discussion forum. They talk about more than Power Rangers, for example, you can talk about Toku, Off Topic stuff, and other things.

So, if you're a fan of Power Rangers or want to meet some new friends or something, then PRE is a good choice. Sign up today!

June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog!!

Today is June 23th, the day that Sonic the Hedgehog 1 made its debut for the Sega Genesis in 1991 in the U.S. It's Sonic's birthday!! 19 years old, he is! Damn, he's getting older. Anyway, as a huge Sonic fan, I am working on a special video in his honor, but at this point, it'll probably be up tomorrow. Better late than never, I always say! I'll post it here, as well as on my YouTube channel obviously, and maybe even my Veoh account. But, here's to 19 years for our favorite blue speedy hedgehog!

June 22, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO

We have scans of the new Rider after Double, and his name is... OOO!

The logo looks really cool. Very 555 like. Plus, it says Kamen Rider in the subtitle, as it did with Double. Looks like Toei is keeping it like that. I prefer that anyway.

And the suit? Awesome! I liked Double's suit better, but this looks cool too. And with all the info that has been released, it'll make much sense. So, yeah, OOO is the new Kamen Rider. Even though I don't know the exact date, it'll probably premiere in September because that's when Double will end. So, yeah. I wonder how OOO will do. After, many people think that Double was HUGE step in the right direction for the series. Still, I like all the KR series I've seen.

Soon, OOO will come to airwaves. And judging by the scans, he'll probably appear in the upcoming Double movie, since they're both fighting the Luna Dopant, which is in the movie. So, yeah. Can't wait for it!

June 17, 2010

Toku Music Showcase Week 3

Here's a quick note: The "Special Showcase" for this week has been pushed back a week because I've been so busy, I couldn't finish it. So, here's a regular one.

Here's a Toku song that I've discovered recently. It's the opening to the Toku Series called Choukou Senshi Changéríon. I know that most of you might not have even heard of this. Mostly because of the fact that it aired in 1996 and it was canceled after 39 episodes out of the planned 52 due to low ratings. What was the show about? I'm not entirely sure. But I found a picture of the hero.

Did you know that the hero was played by Takashi Hagino? You know, Takeshi Asakura AKA Kamen Rider Ohja from Ryuki.

Well, anyway, this show had a theme song called OVER THE TIMES ~Ima o Koete~. It was performed by someone named MISA, which I don't know much about either. Well, here it is.

I just love the vocals in this song. Plus, I absolutely love the music. It may not be fast paced, but it gets pretty hardcore. Not punk rock hardcore, but it's something that can stick in your head. It's one of those times when you only know the refrain to a certain song. Because that part is the best part of the song, it sticks in your head the most. That's the kind of thing I feel with this. I really do like this song. As for the show, I haven't seen any episodes. They're probably not even subbed. Then again, who would sub a canceled series? But, yeah, that's the Showcase for this week.

The Special Showcase will be up next week.

June 10, 2010

Toku Music Showcase Week 2

This week for the Toku Music Showcase, we have one of the ending themes to Kamen Rider Double called Finger on the Trigger. I've been listening to it quite a few times and out of all the ending themes of the show, this is my favorite. Here it is.

The reason I like this song is because of the rapping parts and all of the engrish you hear. But, I like it even better when Shotaro and Philip sang it in Episode 23. Plus, the music is awesome as well. Overall, I love it.

So, that's the Toku Music Showcase for this week. Next week, I got a very special Showcase. Look forward to it!

School's OUT!!!!

I just got out of school today, and I couldn't be happier!!! After the all the bullsh*t that I've been through over the past year, it's over!! This calls for a celebration!

Now, I'm going to play video games all day. Tomorrow, I'm going to a job interview. The rest? Relaxation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 9, 2010

Saban at Licensing International Expo

Elie Dekel was at the Licensing Expo to say some things about the new season.

This is pretty interesting, IMO. It's also very exciting to hear about the new PR season. Can't wait for it!

June 3, 2010

Some Cho Den-O and Toku Music Showcase

Well, I found the trailer for Episode Yellow of the Cho Den-O Trilogy. Here it is.

It looks promising enough. I like the trailer as well. Still don't know why DiEnd is in a Den-O movie.

Now, here's something that I'm introducing to The Zone. It is called the Toku Music Showcase. Every week, I will put up a toku song, whether it be from Kamen Rider, Sentai, Ultraman, Metal Heroes, or other toku shows and give my thoughts as to why I like it, as well as my thoughts on the song itself. So, let's start it off with the first Showcase.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger, performed by NoB, I thought was a pretty good song. If there is anything consistent in Sentai, it's the awesome openings. I love the basic tune of it and I love the song. I chose this because I listen to this a lot and I do like Goseiger so far, though I thought Shinkenger had a stronger start. I mean, angels? Seriously? Well, anyway, great song with great vocals by the guy who performed Boukenger's theme. Well, that's my showcase!

Look out for another one next week!

June 2, 2010

Some Sonic the Hedgehog trailers

If you don't know or are too lazy to look at my bio, I am a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan. I've seen some trailers for the new game, Sonic 4, and the recently announced game, Sonic Colors. Here's why I got.

First, a Sonic 4 trailer, showcasing one of the levels.

The trailer looks awesome. It really looks like it's going to be a great game. But, I have to wait until late 2010 because SEGA wants to put more time into the game. I am a bit disappointed, but a smart move nonetheless. It's to make sure the game is at least decent.

Now for the Sonic Colors trailer.

And the story of it is that it takes place on a planet that has been seen orbiting Sonic the Hedgehog's world, inhabited by an alien race called "wisps" that use a special colored energy. With the race under threat from Doctor Eggman, Sonic and Tails arrive on the planet and harness the power of the colors to put an end to Eggman's plans.

It's a weird concept IMO, but the trailer does look good. There's not much to say here. That I really excited for the games for the Wii, that's why I can say.

May 26, 2010

Dive Into the Mirror PV

For those who don't know, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight has a Japanese dub, with its own opening called Dive into the Mirror. Here's the PV I found on HJU.

While the PV itself wasn't what I expected, the song is just epic! I love it! BTW, did you know that the performers of the song, defspiral, performed Leave all Behind, one of the ending themes to Kamen Rider Double under the name Wilma-Sidr? I sure didn't.

So yeah. Got this song on my mp3 player. w00t! Why can't the U.S. get this kind of stuff? :(

May 24, 2010

Today's Weather Forecast is... Death!

In the recent episode of Kamen Rider Double, Kamen Rider Accel, in his new form, Accel Trial, actually defeated Shinkuro Isaka, AKA the weather Dopant.

You would think that he would be arrested or something. But no! That's the twist. Due to his excessive Memory use, he is actually killed by vanishing into nothingness.

So yeah, Accel Trial, with its awesome super speed power, has finally gotten his vengeance. As for the episode, and the arc itself, it is awesome!

So, yeah. This show is getting more and more awesome, and I'm loving it!

May 12, 2010

So, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight gets a Daytime Emmy Nomination?

So, KRDK is finally getting some spotlight after its cancellation. It has been nominated for Outstanding Stunt Coordination.








I find it interesting that KRDK, an action based show for Toku fans, is put up against these Daytime Soaps that have way more attention than the show. Oh well, at least it's getting some acclaim. Even though it is a pretty long shot, if it actually won... I would be very, VERY surprised. Oh well. At least it's getting some recognition, unlike a certain other organization *cough4kidscough*.

That is all.

Saban Re-acquires Power Rangers rights

Yep, you read right. Saban got back the rights to the Show, which means we're getting NEW episodes! Here's the low down I got.

The media investor Haim Saban said Wednesday that he had bought back the rights to his biggest franchise, “Power Rangers,” from The Walt Disney Company, and had licensed the show to Nickelodeon, the children’s cable channel owned by Viacom.

Executives at Saban and Viacom said in interviews that they intended to reinvigorate the nearly 20-year-old franchise, a one-time sensation among children that features costumed teenagers who save the world.

“Power Rangers” is the first acquisition by Mr. Saban’s new brands and licensing division. Mr. Saban, who made most of his fortune in children’s entertainment and now owns a big stake in Univision, announced last week that his Saban Capital Group would put $500 million into Saban Brands, a new company dedicated to acquiring entertainment and consumer brands and exploiting them through retail, television and film channels.

“The list is very, very long for things we’re going to do” with the “Power Rangers,” Mr. Saban said.

The “Power Rangers” program was most prominent in the mid-1990s when it was shown on Fox, but it has remained in production ever since, and an 18th season is in development now. That season will make its debut on Nickelodeon in the first quarter of 2011, the channel said. The companies did not disclose the financial terms of the multiyear deal.

The franchise came to Disney in 2001 as part of the purchase from Saban and Fox of what is now the ABC Family cable channel. At first Disney had high hopes for the franchise, exploring deep licensed products lines and even a feature film. But focus group research soured Disney on them. Mothers, the research showed, disliked the violence — particularly the hand-to-hand combat — that is part of the franchise’s D.N.A. Ultimately, Disney decided not to brand the Power Rangers as a Disney product, which made the franchise something of a black sheep at the company.

Mr. Saban said he felt that Disney “did not develop the property and exploit it in the way that it deserves.”

Disney had been quietly shopping the franchise for more than a year, with efforts heating up after the acquisition of Marvel in August. Now flush with boy-centric characters – apparently moms don’t feel the same way about the violence involved with characters like Iron Man – Disney’s interest in the Power Rangers faded even further.

Cyma Zarghami, Nickelodeon’s president, said the violence was a “nonissue,” calling the show “more martial artsy and campy than anything else.”

Elie Dekel, a former licensing and merchandising executive at 20th Century Fox who is leading the Saban Brands effort, said he would seek to restore the “Power Rangers” to a place of pop culture ubiquity.

The company, which would not divulge any potential acquisitions, will have to move fast as other companies aggressively mine the branding and licensing turf. The Iconix Brand Group, for instance, has become a force in this arena, recently snapping up the Peanuts franchise from E.W. Scripps for about $175 million in cash.

Separately, Saban said Wednesday that it had renewed a licensing pact with Bandai America for “Power Rangers” toys.

Noting that one of Nickelodeon’s digital channels, Nicktoons, would be broadcasting reruns of “Power Rangers” — there are 700 episodes in the program’s library — Mr. Dekel said that “for much of the audience, they will be brand new.”


Power Rangers is back! Then again, it never really left, but NEW EPISODES! YEAH!

Ahem. In conclusion, I am very excited to hear about this, and I'm glad the series is returning for new episodes. I wonder if they're going to adapt Shinkenger, Goseiger, or something... Ah well.

April 25, 2010


Double's eleventh form appeared in Episode 32 and it is freaking epic! Just look at him. Doesn't he look awesome? IMO, he looks better than Decade's Complete Form. Anyway, this is the form that truly makes Shotaro and Philip one Kamen Rider, as their bodies and souls become one. Thus, when they de-transform, both of their bodies appear. That is so awesome. Plus his weapon, the PrismBicker, which can hold up to four GaiaMemories, has the power of four Maximum Drives. That is awesome as well.

The arc itself is awesome, and I love the song during the show called Nobody's Perfect, sung by Koji Kikkawa, who not only sung the theme to Kabuto's Movie, but portrayed Sokichi Narumi, AKA Kamen Rider Skull in Begins Night. It is said to be released in June.

Anyway, Xtreme form is here. It is the eleventh form, and it's tied up with Kuuga for most forms (Unless you count Rising Ultimate, for in that case, it's twelve). All in all, he is one of the coolest looking Final Forms for a Kamen Rider I have seen.

April 17, 2010

Veoh is Alive!

In one of my earlier posts, I said that Veoh filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Well, I have good news.

It seems that an Israeli Start-Up group called Qlipso Acquired Veoh. Here's the story I got.

April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Israeli start-up Qlipso acquired for an undisclosed sum the assets of video-delivery Web site Veoh Networks, giving the two-year-old content platform access to millions of users and an advertising revenue stream.

Qlipso’s platform allows users to invite friends to watch together sports, movies, video clips and television shows, while chatting and controlling a personal avatar. Veoh posts content from Time Warner Inc., Funimation Productions Ltd. and CBS Corp, among others.

Veoh announced in February that it was bankrupt and its assets would be sold off to repay creditors. In a blog post on Feb. 11, Chief Executive Officer Dmitry Shapiro said the company had tens of millions of users.

Qlipso’s CEO Jon Goldman, who sold his gaming company Foundation 9 Entertainment to Francisco Partners in 2006 for an undisclosed sum, says the merger may allow the new company to add a revenue stream in virtual goods that would enhance Qlipso personal avatars.

“We will not be focused just on cool videos, but on making the experience more social,” Goldman said in a phone interview. “It will be the sort of thing you do in multiplayer social worlds.”

According to Virtual Goods Industry Forecast 2010, posted by Engage Digital Media, the virtual goods market is set to grow to as much as $2 billion this year.


Plus, judging by the fact that Veoh's been open for two months (I know, I go there sometimes to watch Kamen Rider episodes), it's not dead. It's Allllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee!!!!!

Ahem. Well, I'm glad to see that the website is still online. Now, I can continue watching videos there. Whoo-Hoo!

April 16, 2010

My Thoughts on Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Well, it's time for another new installation in the series that just won't die. I am of course talking about Scooby-Doo! He's been around since 1969. Damn. Just damn. Well, anyway, I saw the premiere on YouTube and I have to say I was really impressed and an improvement from What's New, Scooby-Doo? I kinda liked WNSD, but it wasn't great. Anyway, let's talk about the episode.

Okay, the first thing I noticed is the animation is different. It looks like a cross breed between the original and WNSD. I have to say that it looks pretty cool. I also like how the teens are wearing the original outfits from the original series.

Anyway, about the characters themselves. For one, we actually see them going to high school, or at least we know they go to high school. Plus, I also find it interesting and cool that the voice actor for Shaggy is Matthew Lillard, who portrayed Shaggy in the live action movies in 2002 and 2004, since Casey Kasem, the original actor, had retired. Also, there also seems to be a relationship between Shaggy and Velma. Sure, there were hints in the past, but they were strictly on friendly terms. Now, their relationship is focused on greatly, and I find that cool. There is also the relationship between Fred and Daphne, thought Fred doesn't acknowledge it. Also, the voice of the sheriff in the first episode is voiced by Patrick Warburton, who voices Joe on Family Guy. What a coincidence.

Anyway, the episode itself was pretty good. Same formula as it is always. Monster shows up, clues being found, monster "caught", monster revealed, repeat. Although, the thing at the end of the episode is that Daphne was holding a gold locked shaped like a magnifying glass and a voice comes in, saying that the mystery is just beginning.

I would explain in more detail, but why do that when you can watch the episode on YouTube?

All in all, a pretty cool episode. The series is set to debut in the summer of 2010. Well, I'll end with this.


April 11, 2010

My Search Story

If you have seen that Google commercial during Super Bowl XLIV, then this shouldn't be a surprise. If you don't remember how it went, it pretty much mixed up search terms. If you want to see it, search for Google super bowl ad 2010 on YouTube.

Anyway, there is this thing where anyone can make their own "Search Story" as it is called. Here's mine.

It's a pretty fun program. If you want to make your own... go to

That is all.

April 5, 2010

Another Moment of Randomness

So after browsing through the internet again, I found a couple of funny signs.

Ooh, they must not want us to disturb their "work".

Wow. What extreme measures. They really must not like people collecting golf balls.

Ooh, I better get a job there quick before it closes!

I was laughing my ass off at some of these. Epic Win, wouldn't you say?

That is all.

March 24, 2010

Ford Introduces New Taurus Based Police Car

Seems that Ford has made a Police Car. Interesting. Here's the scoop I got from Yahoo! Autos.

The next time you’re pulled over for speeding, you might be surprised by what you see in the rearview. Ford recently unveiled its replacement for the Crown-Victoria-based Police Interceptor -- and it’s a Taurus.

“Ford first introduced its police package in 1950 and today the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is the industry leader,” explains Jalopnik. “The automaker's dominated the streets to the point that over the last five years, Ford's controlled more than 70% of the patrol cars sold. … Unfortunately, the Crown Vic's Panther-platform's getting a little long in the tooth — it hasn't seen a redesign in over 15 years.”

So out goes the Crown Vic and in comes the Taurus. “To develop the all-new Police Interceptor, Ford engineers worked hand-in-hand with Ford’s Police Advisory Board of law enforcement professionals, which provided input on key vehicle attributes such as safety, performance, durability, driver comfort and functionality,” writes Ford.

While the new Police Interceptor is based on the 2010 Ford Taurus, the changes are significant.

According to, “Police departments across the country won’t be piloting just any Taurus off dealership lots. Ford says approximately 90 percent of the interior has been redesigned for police use.” Unique features include front seats with anti-stab plates to protect officers from violent criminals and vinyl rear seats to make cleaning up after messy ones easier. That’s not all. USA Today reports: “The Taurus-based model will keep the Police Interceptor name but offer just two 3.5-liter V-6 engines, no big V-8s, as in the Crown Vic. Ford boasts that the standard version will be 25% more fuel efficient than the current standard V-8. And the version with two turbochargers, what Ford calls EcoBoost, will deliver 365 horsepower, 115 more than the standard Crown Vic.” The 365-horsepower V6 is the same found in the performance-tuned Taurus SHO. An optional all-wheel drive system will also be available.

The result is a better-performing police car. “Ford’s new police car can endure a rear-end crash at 75 m.p.h., easily jump curbs and accelerate twice as fast as Ford's outgoing iconic Crown Victoria Police Interceptor,” says the Detroit Free Press.

However, the competition is tough. “The Taurus-based cop car will have to compete against the Dodge Charger cruiser, which looks good and is plenty fast with the available Hemi, and the Chevrolet Caprice, another rear-driver which is pretty much a Pontiac G8 in all but name (and civilian availability),” writes Edmunds.

Ford will cease production on the old Police Interceptor in late 2011 and begin introducing the new Taurus-based model in 2012.

This is freaking cool, though I'm not a cars freak. In fact, I get that Dekaranger vibe from this, especially in the picture above. In fact, this whole topic prompted me to make this.

Well, that is all.

March 21, 2010

A Moment of Randomness

Anyway, I was browsing online when all of a sudden, I found this.

Apparently, Burger King is hiring losers. Interesting choice of employment. Maybe I should apply since I'm a loser! :)

Just kidding. I'm not a loser, and I never will be. But seriously, this is freaking hilarious.

That is all.

Sonic 4 Music- Splash Hill

Good news: one of the tracks from the game, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, is on YouTube, and can also be downloaded from the official website.

Bad news: You know the stupid Sonic fanboys are going to start b*tching about the music in the game just because it doesn't sound like the Genesis Games. Newsflash: It wasn't intended too.

So, yeah, the music sounds something that you would hear from the Genesis Games. I like it. I still cannot wait for its release.

This Week in My Life

So, I've had a pretty busy week, so much so that I haven't been on my computer. Here's why.

For one, I am participating in the School Musical. I will not say the title. Rehearsals have been like two hours, so that took up some time, not to mention I've been getting homework up the wazoo.

I've also been working on Fan fiction. Yes, I write fan fiction. Currently, I am writing (Or should I say typing) a Power Rangers fic and a Kamen Rider fic. I've also been working on my Sonic fan fiction. If you want to check out the fanfics I've already written, check out the link in The Links.

I've also been uploading the Faiz OST on my YouTube channel.

More on my channel.

Finally, I attended our girls basketball game this past weekend. We WON! But, I think this was a district game or something. I don't know, that was the only game I attended this year. I got home at about 10:30 EST.

So, yeah. That's my week. I've been busy...sorta. At least it keeps me busy, and it gives me something new to post.

That is all.

March 8, 2010

Cho Den-O Trilogy

If you haven't guessed by the trailer, a new Den-O movie is coming. Well, more like three. It goes by the title "Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho Den-O Trilogy". Damn, that's a long title.

Anyway, the film is split up into three Episodes: Episode Red, which focuses on Zeronos (Particularly Zero Form), Episode Blue, which focuses on New Den-O, and Episode Yellow, who for some reason focuses DiEnd, even though he only has minor yellow marks and he was NEVER IN THE ACTUAL SHOW. The only time he had focus in Den-O is the Den-O arc during Decade and that really short cameo in Cho Den-O: The Onigashima Warship.

Oh well, at least the actual cast members are returning. Seriously though, how far can Toei milk this series? The mysteries we will never know.

Anyway, the films are to be released in the summer, starting on May 22 for Episode Red, June 5 for Episode Blue, and June 19 for Episode Yellow. Well... I guess we wait.

February 27, 2010

The Stupidity of Sonic Fanboys

There is the group of Sonic fanboys who have started a petition to boycott Sonic 4... by purchasing Sonic 1 on the date of release. So basically, they're just throwing money at Sega. How nice.

Here's the actual petition from the idiots themselves.

Fans of the sonic series are like most sega fans, we want their old games brought back to the glory days when sega was pretty much the power in video games. Seeing the gameplay of sonic 4 has made many of us realize what we already knew, Sonic 4 will simply not be anywhere near as good as the original sonic games. Either way, We will decide to finally show sega what the fans truly want. A real sonic 4, as long as sonic 4 stays the way it is, we will not buy it, we will in fact buy sonic 1 on release in protest of sonic 4, till we end up with a re tool, or change, we want sonic in hd, not sonic RUSH HD. We will not buy a future sonic game, till we get a true successor to sonic 1/2

So, these so called "fans" are pissed just because of TWO FREAKING SECONDS of gameplay footage? That is just pathetic.

Now, I may not have been in the Sonic fanbase for as long as others, but even I know that they're going too far. We don't know if the game will be good or bad. There's nothing to based that on.

Besides, why are they getting pissed now? They've been using the same design for years, so why now? Plus, why Sonic 1? What about Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 & Knuckles? Those two games have a more improvements over the first game. This is just very humiliating to the Sonic fanbase.

To those who are smart and are actually waiting for the game and not basing their opinion on the look of the game, I applaud you. I just really want this cycle to end. They've taken the Sonic Cycle too far.

February 25, 2010

Reaction to Goseiger Epic 1

As you can tell by the title, I had watched the first episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger, subbed by TV-Nihon. My thoughts: it was pretty good. But not great.

My favorite parts of the show are the card techniques, similar to Decade in way (And don't call it a rip-off, considering that Sentai and KR are made by the same company). Anyway, the cards basically activate the Tensou Techniques, which is pretty cool. The weapons themselves look different, but unique.

The characters are a little hard for me to decide on, considering that I only watched one episode and I don't know Japanese (Though I am considering starting to learn it). But, the suits look like a cross breed between retro sentai and new sentai. Not to mention that the side view of the helmets look awesome, though I wish the white spots had their color so that it blends it (Though it wouldn't work for black. Purple would be a nice replacement). Not to mention that the villains look more neater and better designed than Shinkenger.

May I add that I freaking LOVE the opening and the ending?!!! <--- (I just did) lol

But, the things that I found a little off is the transition into the morphing sequence, that is, they weren't in sync. Another thing is that it doesn't seem too appealing when coming off of Shinkenger. Also, the CGI. For Sentai and Kamen Rider, the CGI looks... out of place. CGI is supposed to blend in to the environment, not make a stick out. Then again, it's a kids show. I don't think they give a crap.

So, overall, it was actually pretty good. Not what I anticipated but still good. But, now it is time to enjoy 2010 SUPER HERO TIME! space?

My Next Project

So, on my YouTube channel, you'll see that I haven't uploaded anything in a week. But, I will get a new OST to upload. I did plan to upload the Ryuki OST, but for some odd reason, there was no sound. So, I shall be on the hunt for one. And I know just where to start looking...

Besides, I have been pretty busy, considering that school as been holding me back. Plus, I've been working on other stuff. So, yeah...

February 15, 2010

Veoh Calling It Quits

Veoh, one of several well-funded start-ups that have tried and failed to cash in on the Web video boom, is finally calling it quits. The company let go of the remainder of its workforce yesterday, and sources say it plans on filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in the near future.

Veoh, which started as YouTube-style site, has struggled for years to find a business model that works and has burned through $70 million in funding from name-brand investors like Goldman Sachs (GS), Time Warner (TWX), Intel’s (INTC) venture arm, Spark Capital and former Disney (DIS) CEO Michael Eisner.

You know, it's kinda sad that Veoh is going. Sure, it doesn't have the YouTube charm, but at least you don't have to be a YouTube Partner to upload videos over ten minutes. It's primarily where I go to watch Kamen Rider episodes. I even had my own account, even though I did nothing with it. Yet, I'm saddened by this. I don't know when it will close down, but I better finish Agito quickly :) Yes, I'm watching Agito, and it is AWESOME!

Ahem. That is all.


Solitary: You ever heard of this show? Well, if you haven't, I'll give you the basics.

Solitary is a reality show, but not one of those crappy ones you see on VH1. This one is unique. You see, nine people are brought, and one person is placed in a small room called a Pod. Their names have been replaced by Numbers, so whatever number pod you got, that was you're name. They are pretty much alone, with the exception of the A.I. known as Val. You see, the show is branded as a social experiment to test one's strength and skill. Seems pretty basic. But, the things that make the show shine are the Tests and Treatments.

In a test, players compete against each other (though unaware of how the other players are performing) in completing a task set by Val. These tasks are generally physically and mentally grueling, taking several hours to complete. For example, players may have to use a piece of exercise equipment a certain number of times to gain a portion of a brain teaser to be solved. There are often additional distractions that will occur during the Test, such as Val interjecting random facts to throw off counting. Val will inform players when they are correct but will wait until either all the players have finished or immunity from the upcoming Treatment, and in some cases has the ability to handicap another player in the upcoming Treatment, such as by making them perform an extra round before the other players start.

The "Treatment" phase is generally a more painful endurance exercise, such as sleeping on a bed of small rods, spinning quickly around in a chair, or "jumping" a heavy rope. Some Treatments are simply endurance tests with no set bounds, while other Treatments are broken into a number of rounds with increasingly more difficult goals to achieve. In the latter case, if a player cannot finish a round, they are sometimes given the opportunity to do a penalty round to catch up, though further exhausting that player. At any time during the Treatment, a player may hit the red button to quit the Treatment, at which point they no longer have to participate; they also may be forced to press the red button should they break any of the rules of the Treatment (in particular, if a contestant vomits during a Treatment where food items are being consumed, Val declares that "your body will have quit for you"). However, the first player to hit the red button during the treatment will be required to leave the show. The other players are not told when a player has left the Treatment, and generally the Treatment continues from the end of one show into the start of the next with the remaining players attempting to outlast the others. After a given amount of time or a number of rounds, Val will inform the remaining players the Treatment is over, allowing them to continue in the game. Shortly thereafter, Val will notify the remaining contestants as to which guest has been eliminated.

Now, whenever their are two people left, the final treatment is brutal. One of them was being locked up in a small box. One of them was staying on top of a hammock of chains. And in the end, the person who outlasts wins $50,000. That's nothing compared to other prizes, but hey, it's unique.

I love this show and I want everyone to check it out. You can view the first three seasons on Hulu.

As for the current season, they're not up for free yet. Probably due to the channel it airs on, Fox Reality Network, is closing down in March. You can view the episodes the day after the airing via iTunes or by video on demand. The Amazon stuff cost about $2 an episode. I'm just that desperate.

So, yeah. Check it out!

February 13, 2010

Look what I got!

So, I was at the mall today and I went into my local GameStop. There was a game that I saw last week when I went to the mall, but I didn't have enough money. But, I was given some big bucks this week, and I went today. I didn't find it though, so I went to the other GameStop (Yes, there are two of them. One of them used to be an EB Games). So, I go in there but they only have it for the DS. But I really wanted the Wii version. But, I go back to the other GameStop but I search in the lower regions of the Wii section and BLAM!

I found Kamen Rider Dragon Knight for the Wii! I was very excited to find it, and for only about $30. That's I good deal, I thought. Now to play it...

And Now...

A moment of randomness.

This has been a moment of randomness.

February 6, 2010

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

The rumored Project Needlemouse turned out to be Sonic 4! I'm very excited to hear about this.

Here's the story.

The game follows the adventure of the series' main protagonist, Sonic the Hedgehog, taking place after Sonic & Knuckles. With the Death Egg destroyed and Angel Island returned to the sky, Sonic takes a break and explores new territories by himself. However unknowingly his nemesis Dr. Eggman had also survived their last encounter and is preparing a new trap to get rid of Sonic.

The game will be a two-dimensional side-scrolling platformer reminiscent of the original Sonic games with an emphasis on speed. Players will control only Sonic the Hedgehog, using control mechanics such as the original spin dash and power-ups including Speed Shoes, alongside moves such as the homing attack seen in the 3D entries in the series. Players will be able to use the online leaderboards to compare their fastest times

Here's the trailer

The game is slated to be a downloadable game for WiiWare, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network.

It's looks good judging by the two seconds of footage. What really grinds my gears is that people are complaining about the design of Sonic not being the original, but the new. Plus, the running animation is being ripped on and comments that it's a HD version of Sonic Advance. This just pisses me off to no end. Nobody can be happy with what they got. They're not true Sonic fans, they're just a bunch of no-good biased retards who don't know what they want.

But, to those who are actually smart, thank you! Anyway, I am anticipating the game and will totally download it for my Wii. Hopefully, we'll learn more as time goes by.

That is all.

February 1, 2010

Razzie Nominations

Before you ask, a Razzie is an award given to the worst of something (Worst Actor, Picture, Soundtrack, etc.) Here's whose leading the pack. I am quite amused at some of the nominees.

Here's the story that I got from Yahoo! Movies (Good site)

LOS ANGELES - "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" made a fortune. "Land of the Lost" tanked.

Both films are equal earners at the Razzies, though, grabbing seven nominations each on Monday, including worst picture of 2009 and worst-acting slots for Will Ferrell and Megan Fox.

Other worst-picture nominees: Sandra Bullock's romance "All About Steve," the action tale "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" and the Robin Williams-John Travolta comedy "Old Dogs."

Bullock earned a worst-actress nomination for "All About Steve." She's expected to score an Academy Award nomination Tuesday for her hit drama "The Blind Side."

"She could be the first person ever to win a Razzie and an Oscar in the same weekend," said John Wilson, founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards, now in their 30th year of singling out Hollywood's low points. Winners will be announced March 6, the night before the Oscars.

Razzie voters also are making worst-of-the-decade picks. The worst-picture nominees are Travolta's "Battlefield Earth," Tom Green's "Freddy Got Fingered," Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's "Gigli," Lindsay Lohan's "I Know Who Killed Me" and Madonna's "Swept Away."

Affleck and Travolta are up for worst actor of the decade, along with Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers and Rob Schneider. Lohan, Lopez and Madonna are nominated for the decade's worst actress, along with Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton.

Wilson said the worst-actress category probably would come down to Hilton and Lohan, while "Eddie Murphy I would guess would be pretty hard to beat as worst actor of the decade."

Razzie 2009 nominees also include Miley Cyrus as worst actress and her dad, Billy Ray, as worst supporting actor for "Hannah Montana: The Movie."

All three Jonas brothers shared a worst-actor nomination for "Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience." Razzie voters also included "any two (or more)" Jonas brothers in the category for worst screen couple.

Robert Pattinson was nominated as worst supporting actor for "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." Co-star Kristen Stewart is in the running for worst screen couple paired with either Pattinson or "New Moon" player Taylor Lautner.

Ferrell has nominations as worst actor for "Land of the Lost" and as worst screen couple paired with "any co-star, creature or `comic riff'" in the action comedy inspired by the children's TV show. "Land of the Lost" also was nominated for worst supporting actor (Jorma Taccone), director (Brad Silberling), screenplay and worst sequel, rip-off or remake, a category that includes the "Transformers" sequel.

Fox was nominated as worst actress for both "Revenge of the Fallen" and "Jennifer's Body." "Revenge of the Fallen" star Shia LaBeouf was cited for worst screen couple alongside Fox or any Transformer, while the movie also had nominations for supporting actress (Julie White), director (Michael Bay) and screenplay.

Joining Ferrell and the Jonas brothers for worst actor were Steve Martin in "The Pink Panther 2," Murphy in "Imagine That" and Travolta in "Old Dogs."

For worst actress, Bullock, Cyrus and Fox are up against Beyonce Knowles for "Obsessed" and Sarah Jessica Parker for "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"

Now, I hardly give a crap about most of the contenders, but the people who got my attention are Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. Glad to see those Disney whores get what's coming to them. They are horrible actors, and I cannot stand their music. It's also nice to see that the highly overrated Twilight series get what's coming as well. It totally deserves it.

Most of those things I don't really care about, because I haven't seen those movies. So, I can't say my opinion. But, hey, I found something to express my thoughts on.

Well, yeah...