July 21, 2010

My expectations for Power Rangers 2011

If you're like me, then you're excited for the new Power Rangers season coming in Spring 2011. Ever since Saban bought back the franchise, everyone has been in glee. As of right now, casting is in progress and I believe they are in the final stages of casting. Don't quote me on that, though.

Anyway, as the new season dawns, the more we come to expect from the one who created awesome series like Space, Lost Galaxy, and Time Force to name a few. So, here's what I expect, or at least hope, they integrate into the show.

I hope to see some unique stories for one. I want something that makes sense and adds to the plot, even for just a little bit. If there must be filler, then I at least want to think while I'm watching that it isn't. Even just one bit of development in the show is good for me. I don't know how you feel, but that's my perspective.

I also want to see some good writing. I don't want to see things be too serious, but not too over the top either. I mean, I know Power Rangers can be cheesy, but don't add more cheese to it. Also, I don't want a clone of Shinkenger, i.e. doing the same kind of concept Sentai did. I want originality. I also want the dialogue to reflect the characters' personalities, not something random. I'm hoping that they have a good writing staff.

I want the characters to be different in their own way. Because of something like this, the actors need to be at least decent. One of the problems that I've had with past Disney seasons is the acting. It seems just boring, uninteresting, and annoying i.e. Operation Overdrive. Even I can act better. I've been in many musicals at my school and even the actors I worked with, who were also my friends, can act better. I want the actors to show as much emotion in what they do as possible.

I also want equal character development. Again, harboring back to the Disney seasons, one of the problems is unbalanced development. In Mystic Force, it seems that Nick got too much development compared to the other characters. It also seemed that Mack from Operation Overdrive may have too much development, but not on the same level as Nick. I mean, granted the Red Ranger is one of the most popular Ranger colors, but I want to see the same attention towards the others. If the Red Rangers gets a lot of development, then I at least want to see the others with a lot of development.

I also expect some awesome fight scenes. Not just with the Rangers, but in their civilian form as well. I don't want too much wire-fu, which some Disney seasons suffered from. I sure we'll get something, considering that the in order to audition for the Blue Ranger, you have to have Martial Arts skills. I hope that they others have those kind of skills, or at least interesting ways of fighting. Plus, I hope they take advantage with the location they are in. Since they are filming in New Zealand, I am hoping they show different locations to have the fight scenes. I don't want to see the same place over and over again. New Zealand looks beautiful from what I've seen, so the show needs to take advantage of that. Yes, I know it'll probably be limited due to the Sentai footage, but what I hope for is good editing. If you can somehow blend in Japan with New Zealand landscapes and not make it seem awkward, then that's good editing.

Finally, I hope for a good soundtrack. Since Ron Wasserman won't be returning for the show, I certainly hope they have someone that can provide some good tracks that fit the nature of certain scenes. I also expect some awesome fight music as well. Fight music is something that needs to get one pumped up and needs to be somewhat fast paced and have the perfect mix of instruments.

Well, that's my take on it. I'm just hoping that Saban puts much effort into this in order to make this one of the greatest PR seasons ever. Oh, and for the record, I don't hate all of the Disney seasons. I liked Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, and RPM to name a few.

So, yeah. Here's hoping that Saban and the work crew put their hearts into this. Here's to Power Rangers 2011!!

So... what do you hope for?