June 17, 2010

Toku Music Showcase Week 3

Here's a quick note: The "Special Showcase" for this week has been pushed back a week because I've been so busy, I couldn't finish it. So, here's a regular one.

Here's a Toku song that I've discovered recently. It's the opening to the Toku Series called Choukou Senshi Changéríon. I know that most of you might not have even heard of this. Mostly because of the fact that it aired in 1996 and it was canceled after 39 episodes out of the planned 52 due to low ratings. What was the show about? I'm not entirely sure. But I found a picture of the hero.

Did you know that the hero was played by Takashi Hagino? You know, Takeshi Asakura AKA Kamen Rider Ohja from Ryuki.

Well, anyway, this show had a theme song called OVER THE TIMES ~Ima o Koete~. It was performed by someone named MISA, which I don't know much about either. Well, here it is.

I just love the vocals in this song. Plus, I absolutely love the music. It may not be fast paced, but it gets pretty hardcore. Not punk rock hardcore, but it's something that can stick in your head. It's one of those times when you only know the refrain to a certain song. Because that part is the best part of the song, it sticks in your head the most. That's the kind of thing I feel with this. I really do like this song. As for the show, I haven't seen any episodes. They're probably not even subbed. Then again, who would sub a canceled series? But, yeah, that's the Showcase for this week.

The Special Showcase will be up next week.