July 17, 2010

Toku Music Showcase 5

Time for another edition of the Toku Music Showcase!

For this Showcase, the song is the opening of the 1978 Toku series Spider-Man. Yes, the made a Toku out of him. And yes it's subbed. Just go here to see all 41 episodes.

So, anyway, the opening to it is called "Kakero! Spider-Man" or "Run! Spider-Man". It was sung by Yuki Hide, who had sung theme songs for other Toku shows and anime, such as Ultraman Leo and the ending theme to this show. Sadly, he died in 1998. Anyway, here's the song.

The song itself kinda feels like the original theme to the original show. Plus, the lyrics sound awesome. Well, the English lyrics anyway. The opening is subbed with the show in the link. Anyway, I like it. It just sounds cool. Also, did you know that Spider-Man had a Giant Robot? And it was also produced by Toei? Well, now you know.

That does it for this Showcase.