July 3, 2010

Trailer for Double: A to Z/Gaia Memories of Fate

We have another trailer for the upcoming Double movie... IN 3D!!

Judging by this and the other trailers we've seen, this movie sounds badass! It looks like it's going to be an awesome movie. Plus, it seems that Skull is going to be in the movie, as well as the upcoming Rider, Ozu (Which for the record, I'm calling the series OOO but the Rider himself Ozu.) I so can't wait for this!

July 2, 2010

More Kamen Rider OOO Info

We have tons of info about the show now. I didn't announce any of the info mentioned, I just found it.


"I don't want anything, and I don't attach to much importance to anything"

Such a man obtained the Rider's power. Before long, something will change in him.

Kamen Rider OOO is the 12th Heisei Work, succeeding Kamen Rider Double. The title is arranged with "3 O's", but is read as "Ozu".

Ozu will scramble for the 3 types of Medals which allow him to transform. It is said that when the medals are found, the "Fukusuu no Ou" (The Plural King) will appear.

This time, our hero is a man who has no dreams, no work, and no family. However, he does not attach importance to such things, and so he is not really unhappy.

The enemy are 5 different animal groups, who have existed since an unknown time. Their bodies incomplete, they search for the Medals too to complete their form. These Kaijin feed off of human lust, and now, have begun physically attacking human beings as well.

A mystery man, apparently from one of the 5 groups, is the one who gives our hero his belt. Ozu himself must collect these medals to gain new powers.

More over, a mysterious corporation seems to be backing Ozu in his quest. However, their true intentions are unknown. It is in these mysterious conditions that our hero must fight.

For the first time he will "feel alive" by fighting.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shotaro

Writer: Kobayashi Yasuko

Directors: Tasaki Ryuta, Shibasaki Takayuki, and others

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi (Japan Action Enterprise)

SFX Supervisor: Butsuda Hiroshi (Special Effects Laboratory)

Creature Design: Izubuchi Yutaka, Shinohara Tamotsu

Producers: Motoi Kengo (TV Asahi), Takebe Naomi and Kazuhiro Takahashi (Toei)

On the rumor front, the 2nd rider, named Wozu/Wars, seems to be sea themed.

We also have the cast, along with their character descriptions!

The main character, Eiji Hino, is portrayed by Shu Watanabe.

Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider Ozu:
21 years old
-played by Shu Watanbe

A young man with no devotion or desire, and very little prospects for marriage. He only eats food he needs to survive day by day, just carries change, and the clothes on his back. He isn't settled down with a particular occupation. He has no savings, and of course, no hobbies. He dimly likes to look at scenery. He is often scolded by olders for his lifestyle, but liked by others. He is able to live each and every day as one of amazement.

His dettachement and no possesions seem to suggest something bad having occurred in his past. What is concealed in Eiji's heart? What is his true face that only appears when he is fighting as Ozu?

Ankh -Tori Kanbu Kaijin- (Bird Management Mystery Man):
-played by Ryosuke Miura

Eiji's companion, and his Medal Manager. Leader of the Bird group of Greeds and Yamiis, who gives Eiji his belt and allows him to transform into Ozu. He is having Eiji collect medals for him because he cannot fight on his own. Though he is one of the Greeds, the medals have little effect in helping him, and he can only transform his right arm.

As such, he takes possesion of Izumi Keiji's body, who is in a near-death state. Unlike Eiji, his devotion is strong and is very self-motivated. He is persistent on collecting all the medals, and "checking" them in. His only wish and care is that he gains all the medals and becomes a god who can attain all desires. However, his stubborn ways may be altered by becoming partners with Eiji...

Hina Izumi:
18 years old
-played by Riho Takada

Younger sister of Izumi Keiji, whose body is currently being possesed by Anku. She meets Anku, her "missing elder brother" and ends up helping Eiji in his mission. She admires Eiji because she reminds him of Robin Hood, and her naivety is being exploited by Anku.

Though she is seemingly a "usual girl" she has a lot of hidden, and uncommon, physical strength. She has recieved a "Power System Scout" (unsure about this part).

She misses her brother, and notices something different about him (because he's Anku). Her, Anku and Eiji end up working in a multi-national restaurant, and she begins to project on Eiji...

Shintaro Goto:
22 years old
-played by Asaya Kimijima

Commander of the Motorcycle Corps. in the Kogami Foundation that helps out Ozu. A former policeman, Shintarou is an incredibly loyal subordinate to Kogami. Difficult, unfriendly, and one who is not prone to displaying his emotion.

He is ordered to assist Ozu, but views Eiji as a rival. He has many doubts about the situation after learning of Eiji and Anku's attitude, but strongly believes society can still be saved through Kogami.

Erika Satonaka:
21 years old
-played by Mayuko Arisue

Kogami's able and beautiful secretary. A mature young woman who is never bothered, with a calm disposition. Because she is always made to eat the cakes that Kogami makes, she always has dieting on her mind. She often leaves the chairman's office to assist Shintarou in information gathering.

Chiyoko Shiraishi:
30 years old
-played by Marie Kai

A kind and cheerful character, if a bit troublesome, who gives Eiji a part-time job and living space in her multi-national restaurant. In this restaurant she serves dishes from around the world, and is often seen wearing clothing from around the world as well.

It is a hobby of hers that Eiji, and the others working at his restuaurant, must Cosplay while on the job. The interior of the shop is of her own design, and represents different countries around the world.

Kosei Kogami:
43 years old
-played by Takashi Ukaji

The mysterious chairman of the Kogami foundation. His real intentions are unknown, but for some reason he has a motorcycle, and secret mechanisms to support the Kamen Rider. He had seen the revival of the Greeds a long way off, and had actually hoped for it to happen.

Details are uncertain, but it is clear he wants to collect the medals for some unknown purpose. His hobby is baking cakes, often pulling an apron right over his suit to do so. In fact, he has a very unsuitable oven kept in his office...

Plus the thing about Ozu's bike: It can turn info a Vending Machine.

Okay... weird.

Anyway, this guy has an awesome design, and he'll also get new Medals, which are the gimmick for this season, which can give him new forms. And, by the number of medals we can count with certain medals going into different slots, he can have a total of 27 forms. Damn!

Okay, this post has enough pictures, so I'll just give you the link to the rest of them, as well as any info I missed. You can find them here, here, and here.

Also, a trailer sort of thing.

So, judging by the info we have, this is sounding awesome. I'm more psyched for this then I was for Goseiger, but not as I was for Double. So, this series certainly sounds like it will have a lot of variety. I'm excited for it, either way. Are you? The Ozu is coming. Are you ready?

Oh, and the official website is open.